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Plants in bloom and berry

photos of garden Plants in bloom and berry

Flowers and fruit on garden vines

  Thanks Marty, for the photos from your garden:

porcelain berry vine

porcelain berry vine

beauty berry bush

beauty berry bush

  From Marty:

"I've decided to grant you lucky devils a look at a couple of my vines and a bush that are now in flower or berry.

The top photo is the porcelain berry vine. The berries take on a wide range of color from wedgewood blue to pinks and purples. Very hardy. The only drawback is that it attracts every stinging insect around with its tiny flowers during spring and summer.

And finally the beauty berry bush. Nothing to look at during the spring and summer, it puts on a nice display in fall."

1. Hmmmm...yeah, now I remember what it's like to have green plants around here. But for now..high winds..overcast skies and everything a shade of tan.

2. A shade of tan? Does this mean that you see sunlight? We've had sun in Cornwall in March - illuminating the frosty ground! It's milder now, at last, and people are frantically planted broad beans, 'early' potatoes, and such like.

3. The tulips I planted last Fall have suddenly popped from the ground! Something fresh and green..a great sight!! ~~I've yet to receive my strawberry plants by parcel carrier. My order has probably been lost in the mix. :/

4. I'm glad the big freeze is over in Illinois. I have a new cherry tree, almond tree, peach/nectarine (both trees on one rootstock), red currant and loganberry. Let there be antioxidants, as the great book says ...

5. P.S. I'm adding your login to the recently moved blogs any minute. there should be something to interest you on organic-gardens.info.

Freezing snow Illinois 2013

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