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Corkscrew Flower

photos of Corkscrew Flower from Illinois

A fine photo of a flower uploaded yonks ago by Lord Douchebag. Don't fret, your lordship. All the hundreds of photos we had on Blogger, before the dreaded 'no entry' signs began appearing, are all safe. I'll blog one a day, if I remember!

From Marty the gardener:

The photo is the corkscrew vine. A tropical that I overwintered in my basement. It took 2 years to bloom. Something that the plant catalog failed to mention.

corkscrew flower

Common Name: Corkscrew Vine (not Snail vine) Botanical Name: Vigna Caracalla Exposure: Full sun Hardiness: Zones 9-11 Height: 12-15 feet, fast growing Color: Flowers are purple, pink, ivory and yellow; very fragrant Bloom Season: Mid to late summer, sometimes in early spring.

More info on the plant would be very welcome, Marty

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Tags: Corkscrew Flower : photos of Corkscrew Flower from Illinois

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