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Peony garden flower

photos of gardens - Peony garden flower

Photographed in a hurry before the wind destroys it:

Peony flower

I'm depending on Marty to remind me what the name of the flower is ... and don't say self-raising!


1. That is a Peony if ever I saw one.

2. Thanks Marty! I seem to have to ask someone every year. I wonder if there's a way to remember ... Pee on Knee ...

3. And if you were to act it out it would REALLY stay in your mind! ~~~~I recently found out.....the hard way..to be careful handling an herb called Rue. I believe there used to be Rue hedges in England in the olde days. Anyway, it makes your skin inflamed and blistered for a week or two. I'll be much more careful in the future.

4. You'll rue the day you discovered the barbs on rue. I prefer rhubarb ... with custard :)

Flower and Fly

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