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Smiling at the Child Inside - poems of kindness v defensiveness
Smiling at the Child Inside  poem of kindness v defensiveness  The stubborn man, tectonic jowls.  No words can melt his frigid scowls.  Abandon speech, and thinking mind  I'm smiling at the child inside,  Then digging for the heart that beats.  Look - shining eyes! The concrete creaks ...  ©  @pjforguk www.pjf.org.uk tags: poems, kindness, smile, children, psychology, stubborn,

children, empathy, kindness, poems, psychology, selfcare, smile,

Prayer of the unknown confederate soldier - health, wisdom, poems
I asked for strength that I might achieve; I was made weak that I might learn humbly to obey. I asked for health that I might do greater things; I was given infirmity that I might do better things. I asked for riches that I might be happy; I was given poverty that I might be wise. I asked for power that I might have the praise of men; I was given weakness that I might feel the need of God.

health, life, poems, poverty, wisdom,

consumerism alienation and wholeness
Please, please switch off the noise, and take heed, There is nothing "out there" that you need shallowness and consumerism creates alienation and destroys wholeness

advertising, alienation, consumerism, poems, shallowness, wholeness,

Resurgence of Wholeness
What to do tomorrow? Timid Or Mundane, Or a Radical Resurgence Of Wholeness tags: poems, psychology, leadbyexample, growyourown, wholeness

growyourown, leadbyexample, poems, psychology, selfcare, wholeness,

Life is a Journey
Life is a Journey life isn’t a destination it’s a journey life isn’t a noun it’s a verb if you need to fix something rushing and stressing I must get this job done you’re choosing to label it a problem. All the time you invest in the problem won’t be life it will be stress virtually everything we do can be a pleasure need to eat? Enjoy

being, empathy, exercise, leadbyexample, life, paradise, poems, values, wisdom,

the role of empathy in transformation
transformation begins at home A better world begins with one grow your own society contagious empathy labels:  empathy, poems, psychology, sociology,  transformation, growyourown

empathy, growyourown, poems, psychology, selfcare, sociology, transformation,

Acquisition v Introspection poem
p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; } Acquisition v Introspection  poem I buy a faster car … the car loses its appeal it’s really a symbol of steering your own direction ... cold, lifeless metal what is a car? I buy a bigger house … the house loses its appeal it’s really a symbol of a larger Self … cold, inert bricks what is a house? I want

consumerism, meaningful, poems, psychology, selfcare, symbolic,

poem of hope
 Trump and Brexit protest votes half unconscious lemmings' jokes  disconnected toxic mess seize the moment start afresh tags: poems, hope, psychology, wisdom

hope, leadbyexample, poems, psychology, wisdom,

The Passport is in the Heart
A Syrian mother by the bed her bandaged daughter weak but bright her limbs are broken, wounds are red but she is blessed with perfect sight Military plots obsessed with power accountants counting: number rules cost and benefit, profit and greed the numbers numb the minds of fools The child is data, her mother too advisers counsel, “it’s not much - collateral damage, life is thus” denial

being, children, community, consciousness, debt, denial, heart, leadbyexample, mindfulness, poems, Syria, wisdom,

the choice
The Choice Heaven on Earth Rivers of Blood? The Love of Power The Power of Love? Related: love, meaningful, poems, power, psychology, 

love, meaningful, miscellany 1, poems, power, psychology, selfcare,

Contagious Wellness - An Ongoing Awakening
Contagious Wellness An Ongoing Awakening (first draft) Little Jonny developed severe paranoia and now has a promising career in military intelligence Little Jonette was obsessed with spiders and now has a promising career as a corporate lawyer Kowlijke was the playground bully and spends sixteen hours every day telling the world how wonderful she is duck, if you answer back and she's

being, consciousness, dreams, empathy, exercise, freedom, mindfulness, poems, symbolic, wellbeing,

The Second Book of Job - poem
The Second Book of Job Darkness Past F is for fear the steps lead down through cobwebs and damp to a tomb underground through memories lost embedded in ice trials and torments from lovers of vice all that destroy you those icons of lethargy feed their projections on unconscious envy all that control you say love is too dear and build domination on unconscious fear

alchemy, empathy, gardens, hope, humanism, institutional mind, leadbyexample, love, meaningful poems, poems, politics, psychology, sociology, spirit, wisdom,

consumerism, happiness and creativity
Consumerism never made anyone happy.  Look at the faces (and bad manners) in any supermarket and you'll see.  In contrast, making or mending anything always produces satisfaction - try it :)  thought for the day:-  there's lizards, there's snakes  and corporate greed  the hoardings instruct me  'want more than you need' no thanks ... (tags: consumerism, creativity, meaningful,

consumerism, creativity, meaningful, meaningful poems, poems,

institutions, preconceptions and collective myths
A thought for the day, as it were! Dire institutions cannot see truth through their fiction that blinds A collective illusion there's nothing can pierce institutional minds Happy (and open-minded) New Year tags: education, institutional mind, meaningful poems, open minds, poems, psychology

education, institutional mind, meaningful poems, open minds, poems, psychology,

Emily Dickinson stood up and lived
I'm pleased to hear that she lived :) Emily Dickinson Three times -- we parted -- Breath -- and I -- Three times -- He would not go -- But strove to stir the lifeless Fan The Waters -- strove to stay. Three Times -- the Billows tossed me up -- Then caught me -- like a Ball -- Then made Blue faces in my face -- And pushed away a sail That crawled Leagues off -- I liked to see -- For thinking --

Emily Dickinson, meaningful, meaningful poems, poems, spirit, wisdom,

Transformation of Libido
A meaningful poem investigating the carnage wrought by untransformed libido

Closing Door poem
satire, sociology, psychology, urban decay, unconsciousness poems

Satirical Songs poems / songs
satire, satirical, songs, poems

Meaningful Poems poems / songs
meaningful, poetry, songs, lyrics, psychology, sociology, relationships

rhyming whimsy - the olympic quirks of language poems / songs
Meaningful Poems, verse, whimsy, Olympic Games, rowing, cycling,

Pronunciation Hiccup poems / songs
verse, English, pronunciation, rhyme

Spoiled Brattitude verse poems / songs
satire, family baggage, sociology, sexual politics, unconsciousness

Lunch Break - poems of consumerism poems / songs
online community, poetry, social, satire, consumerism

martians - prejudice poem poems / songs
Meaningful Poems

Non-reflective Mirrors poems / songs
Meaningful Poems comedy, humour, humor, Sophia, values, philosophy, dreams

Misbegotten poems / songs
politics, satire, poems, misbegotten, conflict, war

Myrtle the Fertile Turtle poems / songs
humorous, comical, funny

Songs of Nothing poems / songs
comedy, satire, blatherskite

poem - Institutions, projections, objectivity - The pub and the church
funny, meaningful poems, pub, church, opposites, stereotypes

Pyro Techniques poems / songs
Meaningful Poems

Silver Dew poems / songs
Meaningful Poems inner flame, freedom, spirit

meaningful allegorical poetry - Skylark
Meaningful Poems, spirit

Eb and Flo - The Funny Pair poems / songs
unny, poetry, psychology, relationships

funny dog poem poems / songs

♥ Satirical Poems / poetry "Consumer Values" poems / songs
Meaningful Poems

♥ funny poetry - aristocracy sociology
satirical poetry, Consumer Values

Life's bin good too poems / songs

fear, psychology poem
Meaningful Poems, fear, psychology

The Birds poems / songs

Genetic Modification on Planet Soddem poems / songs
satire, genetics, comedy, politics, class, whimsy

Spiritual Calling poems / songs
Meaningful Poems, spirit, calling

One World poems / songs
Meaningful Poems, soul, values, freedom

poem, Sally, special dog poems / songs

Spelling v phonetics irony poem

beginning poetry poems / songs
humour, humorous

To love all poems / songs
Meaningful Poems, soul, values, freedom

Funny Poems - Funny School! poems / songs

Who Do You Serve? poems / songs
Meaningful Poems, freedom poems, psychology, morality

Environmental rage poem
Meaningful Poems, environment, politics, fashion, illusion, lyrics

Kathleen Brennan lyrics, song poems / songs

I Cannot Grow W H Auden poems / songs
amous poems, favourite poems

Pentecost Sunday - poem poems / songs
Meaningful Poems, mystical, religion, spirit

Eternity survived - mystical poem
Meaningful Poems, eternity, mystical, poems, spirit

Short funny poems Pencil versus Paper poems / songs
funny, relationship

Mugabe political satire poems poems / songs

Crystal's Eyes poems / songs
Meaningful Poems, mystery, spirit, psychology

Boy and Girl, poem poems / songs

church, ego and soul - poems poems / songs
Meaningful Poems

Belief - poems of the spirit poems / songs
Meaningful Poems, Belief, poems, spirit, religion, psychology

Community Values - poem poems / songs
Meaningful Poems, Community Values

♥ Dreaming,Satirical Songs / Lyrics. Political Satire, hope poems / songs
Politics Satire, hope

The Empire - poems /poetry psychological and social satire poems / songs
Meaningful Poems, psychology, social satire

The Fall of Arnold Toller, comic poem poems / songs
comedy, poems, funny, satire

♥ The Wheel-Spinners & Grunters Social Club, satire poems poems / songs
environment, cars, psychology

♥ The Sing Quartet - poem poems / songs
Meaningful Poems, song, vocal harmony, poems, creation, recreation, myth

King Arthur of Cameldung"s Vision - poem/rant
satire, illustrated poems/songs

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