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Songs of Nothing

comedy, satire, blatherskite

poems of shallowness

Songs of Nothing

(Not Being Roy Harper)

I listen to the radio, commercialised void
And recall Roy Harper in '68 in a mood
'Are sung the songs of nothing,' he rightly said
What would he think today? Turn in his grave (if he was dead)

With horror thought arises, I may be even worse
What do I mean? Well let's examine this verse
This is rapidly becoming the definitive perverse
This song about songs of nothing

My predicament deepens, I'm pencilling my crime
Even 'cheerful Roy' didn't plumb such depths in rhyme
If the last verse was grim then this is the slime
This song about a song of songs of nothing

When you've been convicted there's nothing left to lose
See! I've perpetrated cliche, the lobotomised's refuge
Celebrate the depths of shallow with this song about a song
About a song about a song of songs of nothing

Hey ding-a-ling, hear the jolly birds sing
With a wax faulty dildo all the day

Copyright Peter Fairbrother

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Tags: Songs of Nothing : comedy, satire, blatherskite

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