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Lunch Break - poems of consumerism

online community, poetry, social, satire, consumerism,

'Wot u looking at?' said the butch butcher (Butch)

To the gross of grocers at Grosvenor Green

'Oo me?' they replied, 'we wuzzn't,' they lied

They were keenly aware of their low self-esteem

Butch went to the gym, with his slim brother, Jim

To pump biceps, and steroids and weights

The grocers went shoppin', their taste buds were hoppin'

And bought seventeen kilos of cakes.

Seven girlies were scowlin', their hormones were howlin'

'I don't understand one iota,

Joo want one hunk in bed, or joo wanna be fed?'

'I like cakes, let's work out a rota!'

A folder of clerks were patrolling like sharks

Their lunch hour was usually thus

Searching cafe and pub for the honey called love

They'd succeed at their flirtin' or cuss.

From the Junction of Clapham, to the Broadway of Ealing

The yoof of today share a similar feeling

Their housing, their shops, all the gizmos they've got

There's none of it chosen, it's the same weary plot.

Through distant investment by the rich (and his wife)

Fear and power are pulling their strings

Even yoof feel the need for a meaningful life

Perhaps something more than just lunchtime flings?

Their innocence lost, they're possessed by the ghost-

Unholy, that leads to the mire

Of fashions and debts, more gizmo-oid nets

Until suddenly - they're due to retire.

'Buy one get one free,' howls the bright neon sign.

When the bulb blows you'll notice the razor sharp fence

on the twelve foot high wall between mart and estate

by the 'mobile' tower - non-stop talk with no sense.

The mobile tower - stands poised to impale

The mobile tower - we inhale the un-hale

The mobile tower - from the ether we gather

The mobile tower - serves to multiply blather

Thank God(ess) for invention - this 'open mike'

Our unreal estate where Yahooligans roam

Where all can Google what 'ere they like

And give voice to their truth - this democratic zone.

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Tags: Lunch Break - poems of consumerism : online community, poetry, social, satire, consumerism,

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