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Meaningful Poems: short, funny, satirical meaningful poetry

Meaningful Poems: short, funny, satirical meaningful poetry

Following the interest shown on the blog, here are the poems and songs tagged 'meaningful' all in one place:

The Second Book of Job - poem
The Second Book of Job Darkness Past F is for fear the steps lead down through cobwebs and damp to a tomb underground through memories lost embedded in ice trials and torments from lovers of vice all that destroy you those icons of lethargy feed their projections on unconscious envy all that control you say love is too dear and build domination on unconscious fear

alchemy, empathy, gardens, hope, humanism, institutional mind, leadbyexample, love, meaningful poems, poems, politics, psychology, sociology, spirit, wisdom,

consumerism, happiness and creativity
Consumerism never made anyone happy.  Look at the faces (and bad manners) in any supermarket and you'll see.  In contrast, making or mending anything always produces satisfaction - try it :)  thought for the day:-  there's lizards, there's snakes  and corporate greed  the hoardings instruct me  'want more than you need' no thanks ... (tags: consumerism, creativity, meaningful,

consumerism, creativity, meaningful, meaningful poems, poems,

institutions, preconceptions and collective myths
A thought for the day, as it were! Dire institutions cannot see truth through their fiction that blinds A collective illusion there's nothing can pierce institutional minds Happy (and open-minded) New Year tags: education, institutional mind, meaningful poems, open minds, poems, psychology

education, institutional mind, meaningful poems, open minds, poems, psychology,

Emily Dickinson stood up and lived
I'm pleased to hear that she lived :) Emily Dickinson Three times -- we parted -- Breath -- and I -- Three times -- He would not go -- But strove to stir the lifeless Fan The Waters -- strove to stay. Three Times -- the Billows tossed me up -- Then caught me -- like a Ball -- Then made Blue faces in my face -- And pushed away a sail That crawled Leagues off -- I liked to see -- For thinking --

Emily Dickinson, meaningful, meaningful poems, poems, spirit, wisdom,

Transformation of Libido A meaningful poem investigating the carnage wrought by untransformed libido
The Closing Door Closing Door poem : satire, sociology, psychology, urban decay, unconsciousness
3 roads to gold Meaningful Poems, verse, whimsy, Olympic Games, rowing, cycling,
Non-reflective Mirrors Meaningful Poems comedy, humour, humor, Sophia, values, philosophy, dreams
Neither Here nor There funny, meaningful poems, pub, church, opposites, stereotypes
Pyro Techniques Meaningful Poems
Silver Dew Meaningful Poems inner flame, freedom, spirit
The Skylark Meaningful Poems, spirit
Travels with Fear Meaningful Poems, fear, psychology
Spiritual Calling Meaningful Poems, spirit, calling
One World Meaningful Poems, soul, values, freedom
To love all Meaningful Poems, soul, values, freedom
Funny Poems - Funny School!
Who Do You Serve? Meaningful Poems, freedom poems, psychology, morality
Breathe the Earth Meaningful Poems, environment, politics, fashion, illusion, lyrics
Pentecost Sunday - poem Meaningful Poems, mystical, religion, spirit
Eternity survived - poem Meaningful Poems, eternity, mystical, poems, spirit
Crystal's Eyes Meaningful Poems, mystery, spirit, psychology
church, ego and soul - poems Meaningful Poems
Belief - poems of the spirit Meaningful Poems, Belief, poems, spirit, religion, psychology
Community Values - poem Meaningful Poems, Community Values
The Empire - poems /poetry psychological and social satire Meaningful Poems, psychology, social satire
♥ The Sing Quartet - poem Meaningful Poems, ong, vocal harmony, poems, creation, recreation, myth

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Tags: Meaningful Poems: short, funny, satirical meaningful poetry : Meaningful Poems: short, funny, satirical meaningful poetry

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