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Funny Poems

funny, poems, comic poetry, humour

Funny, comical poems. Humorous Poetry

Pronunciation Hiccup
verse, English, pronunciation, rhyme, funny

Myrtle the Fertile Turtle
humorous, comical, funny

Songs of Nothing
funny, comedy, satire, blatherskite

Neither Here nor There
funny, meaningful poems, pub, church, opposites, stereotypes

Eb and Flo - The Funny Pair
funny, poetry, psychology, relationships

funny dog poem

♥ Funny Poems / Funny Poetry
satirical poetry, Consumer Values, funny

Life's bin good too
, funny poems

Spelling v phonetics

beginning poetry
humour, humorous, funny

Funny Poems - Funny School!

Short funny poems Pencil versus Paper
funny, relationship

Boy and Girl, poem
funny poems

The Fall of Arnold Toller, comic poem
comedy, poems, funny, satire

♥ The Wheel-Spinners & Grunters Social Club, satire poems
environment, cars, psychology, funny, satire

King Arthur of Cameldung"s Vision - poem/rant
satire, illustrated poems/songs, funny

previous Poems and Songs

poems satire funny meaningful corporations, psychology, life

Tags: Funny Poems : funny, poems, comic poetry, humour

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