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Closing Door poem

satire, sociology, psychology, urban decay, unconsciousness,

The Closing Door

Agnes works eight hours a week
It's not so easy with her leg
Six hours cleaning for Parson Meek
and two hours leaflets - she's loathe to beg

Agnes Daily and vicar
The lass next door, she hardly copes
Ten pounds for lunch for herself and lad
He 'needs' chips and choc and cake
her ready meal's a five pound fad

Junk food industry
She piles the cardboard in the bin
It's overflowing by her door
she's tired; she's bored; she feels let down
fag twenty eight goes on the floor

recycling for pissheads
The lad demands another toy
three times a day on pay-to-see
she shuts him up with chocolate bars
and newly bought wide-screen TV

Agnes totters home from work
five minutes rest, then starts to draw
with coloured pencils on A4
five hundred sheets costs five pounds four

Agnes the A4 artist
'Would your youngster like to draw?'
'I ain't got cash for that!' Lass wails
Fag thirty two goes on the floor
she's chewing on her bleeding nails

Agnes breaks to make some food
and cooking it gives so much joy
A slice of cake - her auntie's script
and friendship bread - live yeast from Roy

Then Agnes works on her next tale
'till nine o'clock - her muse grows tired
She reads a library book 'till ten
It's not so good, but feeds her mind.

The lad next door runs up and down
The noise sounds like a cotton mill
'He's hyperactive,' lass explains
and gives him sweets to keep him still.

Hyperactivity diet
'Maybe a story book would help?'
'I got no money! You don't know poor!'
'The library is free, my dear,'
says Agnes to the closing door.

All illustrations by Marty Downs - thank you :)

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Tags: Closing Door poem : satire, sociology, psychology, urban decay, unconsciousness,

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