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Transformation of Libido

A meaningful poem investigating the carnage wrought by untransformed libido

Two large bullies: one east, one west,
sign up to prove they are the best
improper-ganda fuels their vision
tribal training for their mission

two large bullies - libido poem Exhausted men: one north, one south
see thirty years' labour lost
their homes and jobs, their farms and roads
all turned to rubble, ashes, dust

The phone lines hang, the sewers leak
the water's brown, the outlook's bleak
the mains are cut, the inter-not
the bread is dead, potatoes rot

Exhausted women: east and west
see thirty years' home destroyed
the schools are lame, no explanation
teens and imps dazed and annoyed

An infant with no creed or party
feels an arm that isn't there
blue, liquid, open wondering eyes
search for the surgeon's weary care

Ten million heros: here and there
were called to fight: they know what's best
ten million sheros: near and far
were brainwashed to support the beast

Ten thousand servants: east and west
corrupted to embellish lies
un-civil servants of a state
that no-one sane could realise

Ten hundred ministers: both sides
are handcuffed by the flow of dosh
from lobbyists - who's paying them
to steer the votes and wield the cosh?

Ten corporations: things like that
pull strings of steel they've forged with care
that make a world of dash and buy
and eat and watch - a full-time snare

The deed is done: both sides have lost
the steel is rust, the links are not
the orphans weep, the crooks move in
the widows grieve, the rodents plot

Fat investors: theirs and ours
lament their fate, but who's to blame?
Who'll mend and grow and make and tend
their needs now all their shares are lame?

The 'new world order' was a lie.
If only we'd read history books
the battle cry we'd fondly sang
remembered with embarassed looks

Plump and chairbound: limp and dire
they sit and stare at weeds and wire
left hand a screw, right hand a fork
they gape: and wonder how they work

limp investor satire poem I dream a world where values reign
where heart and soul combine with brain
to subjugate self-centered greed:
Forget to want; make what we need.

copyright Peter Fairbrother 22 July 2013

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Tags: Transformation of Libido : A meaningful poem investigating the carnage wrought by untransformed libido

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