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The Divorce of Lord and Lady Bregg-Zitt

The Divorce of Lord and Lady Bregg-Zitt by Hugh Pillock For the umpteenth time, Normah Bregg-Zitt found her toothpaste had been pushed to the bottom of the tube. ‘Oh Fark it,’ she complained, in her dulcet yet strident public school / Oxbridge / L.S.E. cultivated tones. Normah methodically teased the contents back up the tube towards the EXIT, and folded the vacant end of the tube

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View from the hill

Today,as I gazed down at the town from my hilltop, I saw a "man" who had inherited about £120,000 several years ago, and, rather than buy his council flat, he'd blown all the money on foreign holidays (which he couldn't recall, due to the vast intake of alcohol) and wanted to stay as he always had - unemployed, cared for (mothered) by the state, and permanently drunk. It's mildly annoying for

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alcohol damaging children in UK

300,000 children in the UK severely affected by parental alcohol problems. 3,000,000 live with some alcohol problems. And it never makes the news or the political agenda. I wonder why ... denial? http://www.nacoa.org.uk/ #URNotAlone tags: children, alcohol, health, education, denial

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Heaven and Hell - Community Values. Diary of a non-feeding Vampire – (part 3x-b)

Heaven and Hell - Diary of a non-feeding Vampire – (part 3x-b) Imagine, if you can, taking a dog for a walk – having done so, on and off, for over 350 years. Sometimes your own neighbourhood can seem like paradise, sometimes the pits. And it isn’t just the weather … On a  recent walk of mine the whole district was very quiet, and I became aware of the absence of any such values. It was

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Broke and Free = paradise

For hundreds of years the landed 'nobles' of Europe stole the produce of their serfs (slaves) and stole land from each other using the 'patriotic' curse to propel their slaves into war: millions of dead millions of widows millions of widowers millions of orphans millions of sufferers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and worse … much worse , and no treatment or understanding. And they no

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eating healthy on a budget

Recent shopping trips have made two facts very plain:  1. Many customers, much younger than I, look extremely physically unfit/ or unwell.  2. Many customers look and sound bewildered when deciding what to buy  They would be less vulnerable to the mischief of food corporations' TV advertising and packaging if they had a list. Even better if it is a " food for wellbeing on a budget"

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fruit and veg win Oz champions league ...

An analysis of health and longevity related to diet and lifestyle in Australia has determined that a lack of fruit and vegetables in the diet does more harm than saturated fats and sugary drinks. Obesity, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases are all exacerbated by lifestyle choices. The report defines 'disease burden' as premature death or years "lived" with ill-health and or disability.

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UK over 40s health campaign

(health, wellbeing, obesity, alcohol, smoking, diet) Today's news on the BBC highlights a new campaign to improve the health of Britain's men and women as they age. People in the UK are living longer, but not being fit and healthy any longer. The necessary changes to habits are simple and cost nothing - in fact they generally involve spending less on consumables that are damaging to health:

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Beer is heart healthy (in moderation)

Move over, vino, there’s a new heart-healthy beverage grabbing a stool at the bar. The stats are in and—drum roll, please — beer is just as good for your heart as red wine, according to an analysis of 18 studies on alcohol consumption. “After dissecting the effects of alcohol in wine and beer, the two beverages appeared to be quite comparable,” explains Giovanni de Gaetano, M.D., Ph.D., and

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