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climate change

climate change. Human impact on global weather systems.

Themes related to climate change include solar energy, biodiversity
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When new cars TV holidays leave you empty

When Albert first renovated an old car - when he was still in his teens - he felt an immense sense of freedom. Even then insurance was a ripoff, so he only used it for late summer - July through September. The only experience that matched it for liberty was later, when he lived "off grid", as it were, in a caravan - no rent, no services, close to nature. Slowly, some would say inexorably, the

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Solar energy to produce hydrocarbons from climate change pollutants

Recent breakthroughs in semiconductor physics have produced the possibility of using solar energy (photovoltaic generation) to capture CO2 (carbon dioxide) from the atmosphere, but, most importantly, to do so where it is being produced by industrial use of carbon based fuels which currently contribute to climate change pollution. Using DC electricity to electrolyse water into Hydrogen and

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Projected Global Growth of renewable energy

The 2015 Paris Climate Agreement from Business for Social Responsibility, a nonprofit organisation that works with companies to develop sustainable business strategies, takes a look at where clean energy investment is globally today and where it is expected to be over the next two decades. They predict that the world could get over 30% of its energy from renewables sources by 2030.

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Cornish footpath on midsummer's day

Try not to laugh ... Even with Wellington boots, it was tricky. My dog was not amused ... tags:  climate change, Cornwall, photos

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plant-based diet, health and climate change

An academic study has analysed the benefits to the environment and the population of the world that are possible through dietary change. food study Their conclusions: The food system is responsible for more than a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions while unhealthy diets and high body weight are among the greatest contributors to premature mortality.

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climate change threatens healthy diet

Environment degradation due to climate change has serious implications for the wellbeing of the world due to poorer  diet and food shortages over the next 35 years: Climate change could kill more than 500,000 people a year globally by 2050 by making their diets less healthy, according to new research published in the Lancet. The research is the first to assess how the impacts of global

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Greenland ice sheet shrinking

On radio news: Environmental problems due to global warming in Greenland. A climate change report that the ice sheet that covers Greenland is melting much faster than in 2000, further exacerbating man-made environment degradation :- The team used weather data, satellite readings and models of ice sheet behaviour to analyse the annual loss of 273 thousand million tonnes of ice. Melting of

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Arizona climate prospects

Four recent studies from the climate research center at the University of Arizona have detailed a variety of impacts on the environment in Arizona: A steady rise in global temperatures since the 1970s has already shifted the high-altitude jet stream to the north by more than 1,000 miles. That shift has dragged the winter and spring storm track with it. The change will result in fewer big

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coral reef destruction, sand lizard revival

Climate change and coral reef destruction Current climate targets are not enough to save the world's coral reefs - and policymakers urgently need to consider the economic benefits they bring. Those are two of the conclusions from a UN-backed project aiming to quantify the financial costs of damaging nature. “ There's evidence that current levels of CO2 are already causing damage to reefs

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