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Conservation of wildlife, biodiversity, landscape and resources.

Themes related to Conservation include Biodiversity,
Renewable Energy.

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Whale Protects Diver From Nearby Shark

A whale protecting a diver form a tiger shark until she gets back to her boat Tags: conservation, OurOcean, wildlife

conservation, OurOcean, wildlife,

wholeness implies simplicity implies wholeness

Wildlife conservation, sustainability, peace and harmony are inevitable consequences of kindness, empathy and wholeness tags: conservation, peace, harmony, sustainability, kindness, empathy, wholeness as a tweet: #Wildlife #conservation, #peace and #harmony inevitable  http://blog.pjf.org.uk/2018/01/wholeness-implies-simplicity-implies.html consequences of #kindness, #empathy and #wholeness

conservation, empathy, harmony, kindness, peace, sustainability, wholeness,

Apparent offset of the winter solstice

Apparent offset of the winter solstice. There are many posts about this on the Internet, but a. Many are confusing, complex or both; b. Many people who haven't a clue still hurl derision at those who have; Hence this brief and simple depiction: Although the winter solstice is within a day or two of the shortest day (amount of daylight), the darkest evening is around December the 10th, and

blues, conservation, daybreak, mathematics, physics, popular science, winter,

Build a bird box for native bird conservation

How to make a birdbox An experienced woodworker shows how to build your own smart bird box. birdbox design to benefit wildlife Sussex (UK) Wildlife Trust member, Laura Brook, explains the pros and cons of different bird box designs and materials for several wild bird species. tags: biodiversity, conservation, DIY, environment, gardens, video, wildlife

biodiversity, conservation, DIY, environment, gardens, video, wildlife,

coral reef destruction, sand lizard revival

Climate change and coral reef destruction Current climate targets are not enough to save the world's coral reefs - and policymakers urgently need to consider the economic benefits they bring. Those are two of the conclusions from a UN-backed project aiming to quantify the financial costs of damaging nature. “ There's evidence that current levels of CO2 are already causing damage to reefs

biodiversity, climate change, conservation, coral reefs, environment, gardens, leadbyexample, lizards, popular science, wildlife,


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