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healthy diet and poverty

Unplugged from food corporations I've heard some alarming tales from friends who work with people trapped in poverty and debt. The worst cases, due to the tax and benefits nightmare orchestrated by successive governments, are all people working full-time. Usually, they are working so many hours that they find it difficult to make the best decisions about what to eat. Understandably, when

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Institutional Corruption Finance in US politics

Lawrence Lessig on Institutional Corruption—Finance, 10.23.14. Lecture 2 of 5.  In this second lecture of the 2014–2015 Randy L. and Melvin R. Berlin Family Lecture Series, Lawrence Lessig explores the ambiguities of “institutional corruption” in our financial system.  This is the second lecture in a five week series presented in the autumn of 2014 at the University of Chicago. tags: 

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DIY projects education for children

TED Resident Fawn Qiu designs fun, low-cost projects that use familiar materials like paper and fabric to introduce engineering to kids. In this quick, clever talk, she shares how nontraditional workshops like hers can change the perception of technology and inspire students to participate in creating it.  easy_diy_projects_for_kid_engineers   Educational video to inspire creative

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Schools Kill Creativity - the remedy ...

Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity. e.g. World Class ballerina (incapable of thinking without moving) was nearly labelled 'problem student'. She was one of the very few lucky ones that met a education 'professional' that was awake. Related: books, creativity, documentary,

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Mystical experience following a stroke - jill bolte taylor's stroke of insight

Excellent video on consciousness, and the 2 sides of our brain: Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor had an opportunity few brain scientists would wish for: One morning, she realized she was having a massive stroke.  As it happened -- as she felt her brain functions slip away one by one, speech, movement, understanding -- she studied and remembered every moment.  This is a powerful story about

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Quick route to fitness, health: exercise

Two reports in today's news build on the BBC documentary of last year - which showed brief bouts of high intensity exercise having great health benefits. It may not work for everyone, but who can't afford one minute? The first report is by Dr. Shayesteh and his interview is available on video courtesy of wytv.com full report here: http://wytv.com/2016/06/01/

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what NOT to eat for health

There have been lots of stories in the news about the recent health & wellbeing news benefits of certain foods, a recent example being the  anthocyanin content in sweet potatoes. The good news for Brits, where sweet potatoes are difficult to grow, is that, if you believe the chart on a recent BBC documentary (it is so informative, they really ought to post them to YouTube) Strawberries have

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Debt Valley - and the route to escape

tags: advice, diet, poverty, support, wellbeing, debt There is an excellent documentary on the BBC about the debt trap aimed at very poor people, and the burgeoning loans / pawn shop "industry" that profits from it. Debt Valley video Succumbing to such problems tends to run in families, because the children learn what they see, and lack role models that would be helpful. FOOD BILLS

advice, debt, diet, documentary, education, fast food, healthyfood, longevity, poverty, support, video, wellbeing,

Vitamins and Minerals Overview

A video detailing the Vitamins & Minerals the body needs, which ones the body can store, and avoiding overdose of the fat-soluble (which store in the body's fat). This is an overview of vitamins and minerals. In this video the viewer will learn about the two classifications of vitamins and what foods are best to consume for increasing their vitamin and mineral intake. It also touches on

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longevity in Sicily

There was a very good documentary on ITV about the high number of centenarians, in good health, in a small town in Sicily. Their Mediterranean diet has had a good press for some time, but this video also focussed on their activity levels. Most families seemed to have the ground to grow lots of their own food, including small livestock. One thing they didn't mention, which was hidden in plain

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optimum nutrition and poverty - healthy food bargains & education beat advertising

Recent 'health' news from the poor districts in South Wales is appalling: Following on from our article on the real 'superfoods' that aren't widely promoted by the food 'industry', here is very sad news that victims of such corporations believe that fresh fruit and vegetables are more expensive than junk food, fast f Scurvy and rickets are both reappearing in children; deficiency diseases

advertising, corporations, documentary, education, fast food, health, healthyfood, longevity, poverty, vitamins, wellbeing,

Corporations monopoly plan: land and food - forever

A documentary video that highlights the real nature of corporate power, their love of monopoly, and utter disregard for people, the natural environment, and honesty. A Farmer Who Took on Monsanto video   Canadian Farmer Fights Monsanto video tags  corporations, documentary, environment, popular, reinventing slavery, video News: Trump meets with Bayer and Monsanto:

corporations, documentary, environment, love, matrix, monopoly, popular, reinventing slavery, video,

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