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Empathy: Listening and being awake to the experience of others.

Themes related to Empathy include consciousness, psychology.

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Smiling at the Child Inside - poems of kindness v defensiveness

Smiling at the Child Inside  poem of kindness v defensiveness  The stubborn man, tectonic jowls.  No words can melt his frigid scowls.  Abandon speech, and thinking mind  I'm smiling at the child inside,  Then digging for the heart that beats.  Look - shining eyes! The concrete creaks ...  ©  @pjforguk www.pjf.org.uk tags: poems, kindness, smile, children, psychology, stubborn,

children, empathy, kindness, poems, psychology, selfcare, smile,

wholeness implies simplicity implies wholeness

Wildlife conservation, sustainability, peace and harmony are inevitable consequences of kindness, empathy and wholeness tags: conservation, peace, harmony, sustainability, kindness, empathy, wholeness as a tweet: #Wildlife #conservation, #peace and #harmony inevitable  http://blog.pjf.org.uk/2018/01/wholeness-implies-simplicity-implies.html consequences of #kindness, #empathy and #wholeness

conservation, empathy, harmony, kindness, peace, sustainability, wholeness,

kindness and empathy in children's education

kindness is healing and contagious.  It costs nothing to give, and is precious to receive. Empathy and kindness work wonders, and benefit from practice. The more you give, the more you have. True Givers Revolution empathy and kindness in children's education As a tweet: #kindness is #healing and #contagious. http://blog.pjf.org.uk/2018/01/

children, education, empathy, kindness, wisdom,

Life is a Journey

Life is a Journey life isn’t a destination it’s a journey life isn’t a noun it’s a verb if you need to fix something rushing and stressing I must get this job done you’re choosing to label it a problem. All the time you invest in the problem won’t be life it will be stress virtually everything we do can be a pleasure need to eat? Enjoy

being, empathy, exercise, leadbyexample, life, paradise, poems, values, wisdom,

the role of empathy in transformation

transformation begins at home A better world begins with one grow your own society contagious empathy labels:  empathy, poems, psychology, sociology,  transformation, growyourown

empathy, growyourown, poems, psychology, selfcare, sociology, transformation,

more wealth = less empathy

In everyday language, the rich care less about the less fortunate, in fact they seem to be practically invisible. With sufficient (unbiased) experience of life, this is fairly obvious, but well designed recent research demonstrates the fact very clearly. Full story in news format: science shows the richer you get the less you pay attention to other people The original science: Social Class

empathy, pathological wealth, popular science, psychology, selfcare, sociology,

Contagious Wellness - An Ongoing Awakening

Contagious Wellness An Ongoing Awakening (first draft) Little Jonny developed severe paranoia and now has a promising career in military intelligence Little Jonette was obsessed with spiders and now has a promising career as a corporate lawyer Kowlijke was the playground bully and spends sixteen hours every day telling the world how wonderful she is duck, if you answer back and she's

being, consciousness, dreams, empathy, exercise, freedom, mindfulness, poems, symbolic, wellbeing,

energy policy for a sane species

Imagine that the human race was capable of consideration for others, rationality and honesty. What would the world's energy supply look like? The most recent estimate of global energy consumption is for 2013 - 5.67 10^20 joules A kilowatt hour is 1000 x 60 x 60 joules = 3,600,000 joules = 3.6 10^6 joules. So energy consumption is approximately 2.10^14 kilowatt hours per year. For those

empathy, environment, politics, psychology, renewable energy, solar,

corporate empathy - Walmart

Walmart now owns the UK supermarket Asda, and has celebrated their entry to UK retail by removing the charity collection boxes and foodbank collection points from its store. There is an outcry from the generally empathic British public, demanding that Walmart at least pretends to care for the needy and the hungry, but I've got a better idea. Shop somewhere else. There are plenty of British

charities, corporations, empathy, foodbanks, matrix, Walmart,

global patriotism / community

The pathological wealth cult, their corporations, banks and puppet politicians use patriotism to dupe the majority into bombing each others' homes, infrastructure and families to death ... for profit. When they say patriotism, they mean nationalist patriotism - an accident of geography, past conquests and media driven cloning - that requires no positive attributes for membership. It's ironic

community, democracy, empathy, freedom, matrix, pathological wealth, positive mental attitude,

The Second Book of Job - poem

The Second Book of Job Darkness Past F is for fear the steps lead down through cobwebs and damp to a tomb underground through memories lost embedded in ice trials and torments from lovers of vice all that destroy you those icons of lethargy feed their projections on unconscious envy all that control you say love is too dear and build domination on unconscious fear

alchemy, empathy, gardens, hope, humanism, institutional mind, leadbyexample, love, meaningful poems, poems, politics, psychology, sociology, spirit, wisdom,

beyond religious extremism

After watching the BBC Panorama program following the police and "religious" terrorists in Pakistan, the most striking observation was the constant repetition by the captured murderers "they're all in it together." In what? Most people, in all countries, are victims of the few that create social and political problems. Often those with an unhealthy obsession with power. There is a simpler

education, empathy, kindness, psychology, religion, wisdom,

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