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Islands Of Sanity - Fantasy Fiction

A morphing extra-terrestrial crash lands, and attempts to adapt to an alien society

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The Tibestian Book of the Undead,   fiction ,   regenesis.

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Morphene: first job - Grandma and the Biscuits

Grandma and the Biscuits Morpheen checked his reflection in a monitor – it felt about right … fairly androgynous, non-threatening, but not inclined to tolerate endless nonsense. It would do. Morpheen left his ship, which was now morphed into the appearance of the derelict camper van he’d bought (to acquire the legitimising paperwork) then sold for scrap, with identifying

fiction, islandsofsanity, psychology, reinventing slavery, satire, self knowledge,

humanoids can't theel?

Start with episode 1 :) Morpheen studied its reflection in a monitor. It had successfully morphed into human shape, but there were so many variables - choices, if you like - what age to appear, which social group and the big one - male or female? The human news channels suggested that females were more susceptible to violence and sexual attacks, but they were more ready to converse with each

fantasy, fiction, harmony, islandsofsanity, satire,

Bewildering Non-Automatons

Start with episode 1 :) The automatons all left the Cube as the planet's sun moved lower in the sky. Morpheen felt pleased to witness the furrytypes becoming more active. If they were even remotely similar to Morpheens, then they were surely playing. They ventured further from the cover of the thorny bushes, but Morpheen stayed put, hoping to see more native species and gain the first

fantasy, fiction, islandsofsanity, satire, self knowledge, wisdom,

Morpheen discovers the FurryTypes

Morpheen changed shape into a large elastic sphere as its vehicle entered the atmosphere. At first it was a rough ride, as the atmosphere thickened and the vehicle rapidly lost speed. Then the noise and buffeting calmed, and Morpheen slimmed its sphere and extruded limbs. It settled into a seat by the primary console and morphed the vehicle into a parachute shape to stabilise the descent,

education, fantasy, fiction, islandsofsanity, satire,

Imminent fiction

I have 2 new writing projects underway. Just testing that the related links and themes work okay ... Regenesis  Islands Of Sanity In similar vein to the not-so-recent Tibestian Book of the Undead Tags: TibestianUndead, islandsofsanity, regenesis, fiction,  

fiction, islandsofsanity, TibestianUndead,

Islands of Sanity in Dark Days

In a nutshell, the Gnostic Gospels shows Jesus to have said: 'People are born out of darkness, they will return to darkness when they die, and choose to spend the time in between either drunk or asleep.' Nowadays that entails alcohol, drugs, junk media or full-time consumerism. Or, of course, several forms of unconsciousness (2) at once. and also said: 'The road to awakening is Self

awakening, consciousness, consumerism, debt, gnosticism, hope, islandsofsanity, pathological wealth, psychology, self knowledge,


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