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Spring 2019 - nature photography

Various photos that I have promised: Where I plan to sow seeds from 38 DEGREES for pollinating insects, below the cherry tree - the bees are already there.  The free range (#EndTheCageAge!) My faithful, and long-suffering dog Baby rabbit in the ponies paddock Smart horses at the local stable Landscape from the top of the hill ditto Trees in a windy

bees, biodiversity, climate change, dogs, free range, landscape, nature, photos, trees,

Rocky Valley, Boscastle. photo and video

Photos and video from Rocky Valley, near Boscastle, North Cornwall. Rocky Valley Landscape Rocky Valley stream video: The Walk along Rocky Valley, by the river. Walking upstream in Rocky Valley, North Cornwall, UK. Towards the waterfall, along the river. Near Halgabron and Boscastle. Filmed in Autumn 2009. Tags / related: photos, Cornwall, landscape, streams, nature

Cornwall, landscape, nature, photos, streams,

allotments landscape Cornwall

It makes a change from photos of flowers and food: this is the landscape from the top of the site. Many of the allotments are organic. Most appealing feature (for me) is the diversity. It's amazing how inventive people are when they have the opportunity (in this case, access to land). Related: allotments, Cornwall, landscape, photos, organic, gardens

allotments, Cornwall, ecology, gardens, landscape, organic, photos,

biodiversity and organic farming combats drought in Thailand

A joined-up-thinking (and feeling) approach to food production has produced signs of hope in Thailand. Rather than leaving food production and the survival of life on Earth to mutants with calculators and profit and loss obsessions, a small group that turned its back on industrial farming and monocultures has been able to weather the storm surprisingly well - by focusing on organic farming and

agriculture, biodiversity, ecology, food, landscape, organic, photos, Thailand, trees,

trees on Dartmoor landscape

Dartmoor trees landscape

Dartmoor landscape near Okehampton

Bonehill Rocks, Cut Hill, Dartmoor landscape

leafy footpath North Cornwall landscape

Panoramic Rural Views through woodland landscape

Geography / Topography landscape

Roughtor, Bodmin Moor, photos

Cornish landscape with sheep - nature photography

photos of November 2010 freeze in Devon and Cornwall
Bude, Holsworthy, landscape, rural life, weather, climate

Roughtor, Bodmin Moor, photos
landscape photography, nature photography, Cornwall

Cornish landscape with sheep - nature photography
Cornish, Cornwall, landscape photography, sheep, nature photography


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