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mental health: psychology, causes, therapy, public education, funding

Themes related to mental health include psychology, sociology, children.

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Nutrition in Essence - food education book

This book covers all the basics, but is quite wordy with relatively few facts, and doesn't have a condensed summary of dietary guidelines for frequent reference. For anyone with bowel-related problems caused by a permeable intestinal wall (irritable bowel, food sensitivities, ...) both lack of fibre and too much (e.g. fibre removed from its wholefood source, such as bran flakes) cause problems.

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Individual freedom versus corporations

I asked my pal in Illinois why the area he lives is so sparsely populated and yet Chicago (the nearest very big city) is bursting at the seams: "They move to the city for jobs, but ... Even the city jobs are few. America isn't what the rest of the world envisions it to be any more. I just read an article recently which said Americans need to realize that the 'golden' age of America is over.

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diet and brain health

Healthy diet for brain health, for over 60s  "Adults who eat more nutrient-rich foods, such as vegetables, fruits and fish, have larger left hippocampi." says a report from Deakin University in Australia. The popular science study focussed on adults aged 60-64 years, and used magnetic resonance imaging to measure the size of hippocampi. “Recent research has established that diet and

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Healthy Food & exercise impacting insulin resistance and Alzheimers

Interesting and alarming research published by experimental neurologists demonstrates a link between insulin resistance (typically increased by Western diet and insufficient exercise) and memory impairment. The study's authors conclude: Our results show that insulin resistance, a prevalent and increasingly common condition in developed countries, is associated with significantly lower

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