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the choice

The Choice Heaven on Earth Rivers of Blood? The Love of Power The Power of Love? Related: love, meaningful, poems, power, psychology, 

love, meaningful, miscellany 1, poems, power, psychology, selfcare,

Fear, aggression,hope and trust - excellent video

Please watch (and listen) Ted talks video  "Summer, 2016: amid populist revolts, clashing resentments and fear, writer Anand Giridharadas doesn't give a talk but reads a letter. It's from those who have won in this era of change, to those who have, or feel, lost.  It confesses to ignoring pain until it became anger.  It chides an idealistic yet remote elite for its behind-closed-doors

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Renewable Energy success - USA projections to 2040

Renewable energy to surpass coal and nuclear by 2030  Renewable energy is expected to surpass nuclear power by 2020 and coal by 2028 to become the second largest source of U.S. electricity generation after natural gas. Renewable energy projections - USA 2000 - 2040 Renewable energy (including wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, and hydro-power) share of U.S. electricity generation

environment, miscellany 1, renewable energy, solar, wind power,

Projected Global Growth of renewable energy

The 2015 Paris Climate Agreement from Business for Social Responsibility, a nonprofit organisation that works with companies to develop sustainable business strategies, takes a look at where clean energy investment is globally today and where it is expected to be over the next two decades. They predict that the world could get over 30% of its energy from renewables sources by 2030.

climate change, miscellany 1, politics, renewable energy,

GMO cartoon

GMO takeover cartoon Copyright 2016 Marty Downs recent posts: caffeine, salt and sugar & learning piano #1 GMO cartoon & what NOT to eat for health Renewable Energy success & biodiversity photograph prizes

cartoons, GMO, miscellany 1, paintings, satire,

Paradise Found

Ancient Ivor is giving young Paul a lift in his car. Paul chats continually and is agitated about Ivor driving so slowly. "Where's the radio?" Paul asked. There isn't one. After fifteen minutes, Ivor stops in a lay-by. "I need you to be quiet for five minutes. Empty your mind and look at the world. After each minute, or thereabouts, I'll ask you a question." "Okay Gov. You're the boss.

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Greenland ice sheet shrinking

On radio news: Environmental problems due to global warming in Greenland. A climate change report that the ice sheet that covers Greenland is melting much faster than in 2000, further exacerbating man-made environment degradation :- The team used weather data, satellite readings and models of ice sheet behaviour to analyse the annual loss of 273 thousand million tonnes of ice. Melting of

climate change, community, environment, global warming, Greenland, miscellany 1, solar,

images to define my project

the whole!! more of the whole!! poems short stories Music Books corporate / banking matrix Environment wellbeing diet alt="nutrition / education for best diet on a budget" exercise self sufficiency

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1.2 gigawatt offshore wind farm

Currently the world's largest offshore wind farm has been given the go ahead in the North Sea, 75 miles east of Hull, England. The 1.2 gigawatt (1,200,000 kilowatts) is expected to generate enough power for one million homes. Wind power is crucial for the UK, as we experience more wind in the winter when solar power is minimal. The Danish firm Dong Energy is investing in the project, and

environment, Hornsea, miscellany 1, renewable energy, solar, wind power,

Where bottled water really comes from....

  copyright 2016  Marty Downs   Americans love their bottled water. It seems that they can't go anywhere without a bottle in their hand...and of course, in the other hand a smart (dumb) phone.  A satire of modern American materialism ... even when the product contains NOTHING ! Related: cartoons, consumerism, paintings, satire, miscellany 1

cartoons, consumerism, love, miscellany 1, paintings, satire,

non-GMO layers pellets and pond supplies, Bude Cornwall

I've tried to buy non-GMO1 layers pellets for my poultry in Bude district, North Cornwall and the farm suppliers don't stock them. Likewise the pet shops say I'll have to go to Wadebridge for pond supplies - water filters and pumps, anti fungus treatment for pond fish, etc. The good news is, Stable Door in Bude stock all these and more! their opening times: Opening Times Monday - Friday·9:00am

Bude, Cornwall, GMO, healthyfood, miscellany 1, Monsanto, organic, pets, poultry, self-sufficiency,

Bilderberg and Transparency

An excellent blog at the Guardian. It's never clear how much of conspiracy theories are true. That's exactly how conspirators like things to be! But when the group of the richest people and Transparency International USA have the same committee members any claim to democracy is farcical. Get the details from the Guardian bilderberg-2015-a-travesty-of-transparency related: Bilderberg,

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