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popular diet, stories, vidoes, nutrition, superfoods, exercise, wellbeing, health, books and photos.

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grass carp farming

I've always liked pasture, especially with real, native, mixed species hedgerows and the occasional mature native tree in the field. There's lots of beef and sheep farming hereabouts (North Cornwall), which is fine, but: a. In an overpopulated world, 500 lbs of of meat per acre every other year seems a small crop; b. Small farms are failing, because the profit per acre is miniscule with large

agriculture, books, carp, Cornwall, fish, food, gardens, grass carp, growyourown, healthyfood, photos, popular, self-sufficiency,

Global Atlas for the Blind

A government department in India has succeeded in making a complete atlas of the world for the visually impaired, using braille. On January 3, at the Indian Science Congress held here, Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented the director of NATMO, Tapti Banerjee with the 'National Award for Science and Technology Intervention in Empowering the Physically Challenged' in recognition of this

disability, disability aids, education, popular, popular science,

Soprano Joyce DiDonato - War and Peace project

The lyric coloratura mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato is especially well known for her performances of Handel and Mozart. I was 'educated' about Joyce this past week (21st November) by an excellent program on Radio 3 hosted by Sean Rafferty. The good news is ... the program is still available on catch-up for a month. The program features live interview with Joyce DiDonato, and 3 recordings

art therapy, female vocals, love, music, opera, popular, singing, soprano, video,

Bad advice is freely given

Tibestian Book of the Undead - part 4 (brainwashing, corporate/banking matrix, education, freedom, vampires ...) the diary (2nd edition) of a 360 year old vampire Oh for the days when I used to wander through the lanes on my annual migration from Turkey  to France, and back ... Peace and quiescence, familiar creaks from the caravan as my horse plods along, pausing at particularly lush

brainwashing, community, corporations, debt, education, fiction, freedom, love, matrix, popular, satire, spirit, TibestianUndead, updated, vampires,

Major health diet threat to US citizens

And to most of the western world! Imagine a terrorist plot to trick the Brazilian government (through bribes, promises and corporate/political trickery) into cutting down and burning the Amazon rainforests in order to graze cattle and trick the poor American people into eating high fat, high protein, very high sugar junk several times a day. Imagine spending billions of dollars each year on

agriculture, books, corporations, diabetes, healthyfood, lobbyists, matrix, obesity, popular, wellbeing,

homemade pasty beats supermarket food-for-profit

A visitor contacted me with this question: "I often read about what is a good diet, but I can't resist buying pies and pasties in the supermarket. They do smell good. I'm three stone overweight (and rising) and it's causing problems." Reply: British supermarkets do sell good food (apparently other countries are not so good), but the top priority of their shareholders is profit. There is

corporations, food, healthyfood, matrix, popular, self-sufficiency, value for money, wellbeing,

healthy diet versus corporate fast food advertising

Yesterday, there was a report published, based on a single study from the University of East Anglia, relating high protein diet to improved cardiovascular health. The World Health Authority was quoted in the report, which raises the interesting question: who funds them, and what are their interests in business and the stock markets? In the most recent report, WHO funding was 80% from voluntary

advertising, corporations, diet, GMO, healthyfood, matrix, popular, protein, wellbeing, WHO,

Sustaining a HealthyFood diet during poverty

today's post: scurvy and rickets! Very bad 'health' news from the poor districts in South Wales. Following on from our article on the 'superfoods' that aren't widely promoted by the food 'industry', here is very sad news ... Scurvy and rickets are both reappearing in children; deficiency diseases that were thought to be permanently eradicated. Fast food and children don't belong together.

children, fast food, featured, health, healthyfood, nutrition, popular, wellbeing,

Corporations monopoly plan: land and food - forever

A documentary video that highlights the real nature of corporate power, their love of monopoly, and utter disregard for people, the natural environment, and honesty. A Farmer Who Took on Monsanto video   Canadian Farmer Fights Monsanto video tags  corporations, documentary, environment, popular, reinventing slavery, video News: Trump meets with Bayer and Monsanto:

corporations, documentary, environment, love, matrix, monopoly, popular, reinventing slavery, video,

Healthy, unprocessed diet includes natural fats for wellbeing

1. Many interesting research findings published today, linking diet and health: A diet high in healthy fats, fruit and vegetables and fish (Mediterranean diet) linked to lessening of depression, according to Prof Miguel A Martínez-González of the University of Navarra, Spain. Also, the risk of developing depression is 42 per cent higher in people who have a high intake of trans fatty acids

diet, health, healthyfood, monounsaturates, polyunsaturates, popular, wellbeing,

healthy foods don't advertise (wellbeing, nutrition v corporations)

Abstract: Evidence based dietary guidelines contrasted with corporate funded science and corporate funded advertising. It is a scientifically tested fact that - other factors such as exercise, genetics, habits being equal - people eating a diet rich in antioxidants suffer less from heart disease, diabetes, some cancers and the degenerative diseases associated with ageing. This post is aimed at

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