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Music Lessons: piano, violin, guitar, singing

Free Music Lessons: learn to sing and play the piano, violin and guitar. Video tutorials for learning and enjoying music at home.

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guitar tablature for Asturias

Asturia  by   Isaac Albéniz The beginning, in manageable chunks :) part 1                              part 2  part 3    part 4 part 5 part 6 Tags: guitar, music lessons, music, education

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Learning to play guitar - #1

The guitar is usually tuned EADGBE - this is a compromise between ease of playing melody and being able to play a huge variety of chords (especially bar chords). check your guitar tuning A good key to learn first is C major. This is all the white notes on a piano or music keyboard. The black notes offer optional flat or sharp notes to play in any other key, and to conjure endless delightful

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piano lessons free online part 2

Take no notice of 'part 3' (on Youtube)! This is the second video in the course:  complete free online learning to play the piano.  As ever, take your time and learn good habits from a pro, before you make a habit of doing whatever seems easiest!  Complete beginners might like to sit slightly left of middle C, but will gravitate towards middle C as they use the whole keyboard. Tags:

education, music, music lessons, piano, piano lessons, video,

Free Voice Training exercises

Vocal training exercises for beginners (and beyond). These are explained well, and there's lots more from Eric Arceneaux for keen singers. Vocal Warmup - Opening Up The Voice Vocal Warmup - Increasing Vocal Range Vocal Warmup - Improving Vocal Tone (Freeing The Throat) Vocal Warmup - Strengthening The Voice Typical comments: "I'm literally amazed right now

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