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diet myths and common sense

It's good to find a fellow blogger that is on the same wavelength about quality food (particularly on a tight budget) and unhelpful food advertising whose prime objective is profits.    Quill.com publishes an informative image which can serve as a reminder of the pitfalls to avoid. Click on the image for larger print! I recommend reading the full article on Dieting myths to avoid The

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butter is better - whole foods beat profitable processed pap

The food corporation adverts would have us believe that margarine is cheaper than butter, and you can't taste the difference! Well I can taste the difference, and decided to do some simple arithmetic to test the truth of their claims: Facts: Maragarine ingredients: 1. WATER 2. sunflower oil 26% 3. Palm oil 4. linseed oil 5. reconstituted milk 6. salt 7. emulsifier 8. lecithin 9. sodium

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Olympics junk food taste test - learn to (enjoy) cooking!

There's an entertaining article about food corporations attempting to cash in on the 2016 Olympics, maybe because they believe we're daft enough to think eating advertised, processed, devitalised 'food' in front of the TV will turn US into Olympic athletes by some mysterious process of induction. The author is less scathing than me about fast 'food' outlets, probably because they aren't old

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walnuts and bananas beat advertised 'health' food

Some interesting health-related news today. Business as usual, really, in so far as the best foods don't advertise. In a (wal)nutshell, the message is - the best use for your multi-mineral and vitamin tablets is probably added to a compost heap, and walnuts, in moderation, are very healthy: Bananas Take One A Day VitaCraves Adult Gummy Multivitamins, for example. Right now, they’re on

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oils healthier than solid fat

There's an article here healthy oils which helps to remind us that oils are more easily digested than fats; especially fats that are ~solid at room temperature or (worse) at body temperature.  Many oils have some specific benefits - omega 3 ... Canola Oil This type of oil can be used in frying, baking, and sauteing. It is made out of rapeseeds and is considered healthy as it contains many

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UK over 40s health campaign

(health, wellbeing, obesity, alcohol, smoking, diet) Today's news on the BBC highlights a new campaign to improve the health of Britain's men and women as they age. People in the UK are living longer, but not being fit and healthy any longer. The necessary changes to habits are simple and cost nothing - in fact they generally involve spending less on consumables that are damaging to health:

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healthy lifestyle campaign in Peterborough

healthy lifestyle campaign in Peterborough - wellbeing through educated choices in diet and exercise.  via wellbeing news ‘Peterborough: Creating a Healthy City’ will see Peterborough City Council offer residents medically proven information and advice on how to kick poor health into touch by making simple lifestyle changes.  Read more:

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organic food for childrens health

A new scientific study from UC Berkeley Center for Environmental Research and Children's Health, shows that organic food can substantially lower pesticide exposure in children from low-income families in both urban and rural areas. But traces of pesticides are higher than in previous studies involving middle-income, suburban children, suggesting that kids from cities and farming communities

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eggs for health

For decades, eggs have had a bad press due to insufficient understanding of cholesterol. There has been more research in today's news praising the merits of hens eggs, and the over zealous fears of cholesterol. The body makes cholesterol, and manages its concentration. Eggs have many health benefit - especially well-fed and free range (weather permitting!) hens. Eggs are in fact an

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Nutrition in Essence - food education book

This book covers all the basics, but is quite wordy with relatively few facts, and doesn't have a condensed summary of dietary guidelines for frequent reference. For anyone with bowel-related problems caused by a permeable intestinal wall (irritable bowel, food sensitivities, ...) both lack of fibre and too much (e.g. fibre removed from its wholefood source, such as bran flakes) cause problems.

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Healthy Food Vitamins and diet for busy people

The food and nutrition research detailed in Superfoods - antioxidants shows that fruit with higher levels of antioxidants (e.g. blackberries) add the same level of antioxidants to the blood of the consumer as fruit with lower levels (e.g. raspberries). This being the case, presumably taking ten times the amount of antioxidants (e.g. the CRONIES, who have a huge bowl full of fresh berries and

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Resveratrol for health

There have been many reports today of red wine and peanuts benefiting memory and mood in an ageing population, all from a study at University of Texas. The antioxidant resveratrol is the compound present in these foods that has sparked the interest. From their study on rodents: "Resveratrol has been widely touted for its potential to prevent heart disease, but Shetty and a team that includes

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exercise, diet, sleep, relaxation for a healthy body and soul

Personalised exercise for each individual Some good ideas for designing the exercise that suits you, rather than suits what others tell you! Have you tried jump roping, rollerblading, using resistance bands, running stairs, biking around downtown or the park, playing tennis or recreation league soccer, hiking, swimming, kayaking, or dancing? Also recommended: yoga, tai chi, pilates, any

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healthy food during poverty: solutions

today's post: scurvy and rickets! Very bad 'health' news from the poor districts in South Wales. Following on from our article on the 'superfoods' that aren't widely promoted by the food 'industry', here is very sad news ... Scurvy and rickets are both reappearing in children; deficiency diseases that were thought to be permanently eradicated. Fast food and children don't belong together.

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Sugar tax to fund healthy diet promotion v obesity

In this week's news the BMA (British Medical Council), representing Britain's GPs, called for a 20% tax on sugary drinks to limit the damage caused, especially to children, by heavily advertised low-nutrition drinks.  They made a case for using that income to subsidise fresh fruit and vegetables. However, fresh (and rapidly frozen) fruit and veg aren't expensive compared to even 'bargain'

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healthy foods don't advertise (wellbeing, nutrition v corporations)

Abstract: Evidence based dietary guidelines contrasted with corporate funded science and corporate funded advertising. It is a scientifically tested fact that - other factors such as exercise, genetics, habits being equal - people eating a diet rich in antioxidants suffer less from heart disease, diabetes, some cancers and the degenerative diseases associated with ageing. This post is aimed at

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