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Overweight and obesity: causes and self help.

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diet myths and common sense

It's good to find a fellow blogger that is on the same wavelength about quality food (particularly on a tight budget) and unhelpful food advertising whose prime objective is profits.    Quill.com publishes an informative image which can serve as a reminder of the pitfalls to avoid. Click on the image for larger print! I recommend reading the full article on Dieting myths to avoid The

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fruit and veg win Oz champions league ...

An analysis of health and longevity related to diet and lifestyle in Australia has determined that a lack of fruit and vegetables in the diet does more harm than saturated fats and sugary drinks. Obesity, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases are all exacerbated by lifestyle choices. The report defines 'disease burden' as premature death or years "lived" with ill-health and or disability.

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oils healthier than solid fat

There's an article here healthy oils which helps to remind us that oils are more easily digested than fats; especially fats that are ~solid at room temperature or (worse) at body temperature.  Many oils have some specific benefits - omega 3 ... Canola Oil This type of oil can be used in frying, baking, and sauteing. It is made out of rapeseeds and is considered healthy as it contains many

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Obesity and Arithmetic

An acquaintance of mine drinks semi-skimmed cows' milk rather than unsweetened soya "because of the fat"!! She believes that she is making a choice that improves her health. I've tried to start a fact-based conversation, several times, but her response is patronising, overbearing and admits no discussion (power complex, bullying, denial, ... ?). A sad state of affairs, but not uncommon. An

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diets don't work - bar one

Painless diet that works It is sad to see people stressing themselves with arduous diet plans for years (decades) and seeing no permanent change for the better. I don't have the funds for 'research' but several observations clearly mean something. Overeating often implies comfort eating or boredom. Very often the two go together. I have seen many people lose several stone and achieve their

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UK over 40s health campaign

(health, wellbeing, obesity, alcohol, smoking, diet) Today's news on the BBC highlights a new campaign to improve the health of Britain's men and women as they age. People in the UK are living longer, but not being fit and healthy any longer. The necessary changes to habits are simple and cost nothing - in fact they generally involve spending less on consumables that are damaging to health:

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sugar tax and corporations

Apparently, corporations are treated as 'individuals' - a ploy devised by corporate lawyers to gain the same protection by law as individuals are supposed to have. Like many laws, once it has been passed it is hard reverse, because the corporations are protected by that law from having it changed. In the news this week those people and institutions that want to save the vulnerable from life

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The tragic consequences of corporate food and corporate media

My 600 lb Life Joe's Story - video Following Marty's comment on optimum-excercise-for-middle-age.html Television program TLC My 600lb Life Joe's Story. Joe Wexler who tipped the scales at the slot machine payout of 777 needs to lose weight. How do corporations contribute to this? corporations monopoly plan land and food forever major-health-diet-threat-to-us-citizens

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Major health diet threat to US citizens

And to most of the western world! Imagine a terrorist plot to trick the Brazilian government (through bribes, promises and corporate/political trickery) into cutting down and burning the Amazon rainforests in order to graze cattle and trick the poor American people into eating high fat, high protein, very high sugar junk several times a day. Imagine spending billions of dollars each year on

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Diet and obesity

Research reported by cell.com: http://bit.ly/1MrvqJy shows that not all types of calorie restriction are equal. Cutting fat intake resulted in greater fat reduction in the participants than cutting carbohydrates. In the reduced fat intake diet, calories were metabolised by both fat and carbohydrate sources in equal measure. This is interesting research, but hardly prescribes a full solution for

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Sugar tax to fund healthy diet promotion v obesity

In this week's news the BMA (British Medical Council), representing Britain's GPs, called for a 20% tax on sugary drinks to limit the damage caused, especially to children, by heavily advertised low-nutrition drinks.  They made a case for using that income to subsidise fresh fruit and vegetables. However, fresh (and rapidly frozen) fruit and veg aren't expensive compared to even 'bargain'

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