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Agnes Obel - Golden Green

Probably my greatest 'find' of the last year or two. Why mainstream media doesn't condescend to mention musical genius is a mystery. From Denmark and now (I think!) living in Berlin.  Lyrics: "Golden Green"All I have or shouldWant to be but never couldIt's coming at, it's coming at, it's coming at my heartTo spoil my soul with fireAll my eyes can see isBorn out of your imageryIt's coming

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piano lessons free online part 2

Take no notice of 'part 3' (on Youtube)! This is the second video in the course:  complete free online learning to play the piano.  As ever, take your time and learn good habits from a pro, before you make a habit of doing whatever seems easiest!  Complete beginners might like to sit slightly left of middle C, but will gravitate towards middle C as they use the whole keyboard. Tags:

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