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Positive Mental Attitude

Cultivating the habit of always seeking the best possible outcome.

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Positive Mental Attitude

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Making, mending, sharing and gifts - or consumerism

Making, mending, sharing and gifts or consumerism If you borrow a vast amount of money, to buy a large, glossy, powerful car, you are likely to feel happier for a few months. Then feel no different to when you drove your old car. Then realise what misery debt creates. If you make or mend anything, no matter how small, it could be decorative or practical - it will give

consumerism, creativity, debt, pathological wealth, positive mental attitude, wholeness, wisdom,

Heaven and Hell - Community Values. Diary of a non-feeding Vampire – (part 3x-b)

Heaven and Hell - Diary of a non-feeding Vampire – (part 3x-b) Imagine, if you can, taking a dog for a walk – having done so, on and off, for over 350 years. Sometimes your own neighbourhood can seem like paradise, sometimes the pits. And it isn’t just the weather … On a  recent walk of mine the whole district was very quiet, and I became aware of the absence of any such values. It was

alcohol, community, exercise, fiction, positive mental attitude, psychology, satire, selfcare, TibestianUndead,

walnuts and bananas beat advertised 'health' food

Some interesting health-related news today. Business as usual, really, in so far as the best foods don't advertise. In a (wal)nutshell, the message is - the best use for your multi-mineral and vitamin tablets is probably added to a compost heap, and walnuts, in moderation, are very healthy: Bananas Take One A Day VitaCraves Adult Gummy Multivitamins, for example. Right now, they’re on

advertising, ageing, compost, diet, growyourown, healthyfood, nutrition, positive mental attitude, wellbeing,

healthy lifestyle campaign in Peterborough

healthy lifestyle campaign in Peterborough - wellbeing through educated choices in diet and exercise.  via wellbeing news ‘Peterborough: Creating a Healthy City’ will see Peterborough City Council offer residents medically proven information and advice on how to kick poor health into touch by making simple lifestyle changes.  Read more:

diet, exercise, health, lifestyle, nutrition, Peterborough, positive mental attitude, wellbeing,

global patriotism / community

The pathological wealth cult, their corporations, banks and puppet politicians use patriotism to dupe the majority into bombing each others' homes, infrastructure and families to death ... for profit. When they say patriotism, they mean nationalist patriotism - an accident of geography, past conquests and media driven cloning - that requires no positive attributes for membership. It's ironic

community, democracy, empathy, freedom, matrix, pathological wealth, positive mental attitude,

Penny Smiths Essential Guide To Yoga

I first bought this DVD about 18 months ago, having benefitted from Yoga for decades, then promptly forgotten all about it! Realising that I needed more flexibility and less back ache, I resolved to start again, and this DVD is excellent. It isn't only the content. The presentation is relaxing and encourages daily practice. Reviews on Amazon are generally as positive as mine, so I have no

exercise, health, positive mental attitude, wellbeing, yoga,

Your Baby and Child - Penelope Leach

Highly recommended by my sister, in the vain hope that the resolutely ignorant might read it ... or read anything. The average review on Amazon is well over 4 (out of 5) and there's a 36% reduction in price at present (July 2013). In the 21st century we know a child's psychological development and well-being is just as important as any physical need. Here Penelope Leach brings together

books, children, education, hope, positive mental attitude, psychology, selfcare,

creating healthy eating habits for children

The site eatright.org has a section dedicated to childrens eating habits resources/for-kids They have identified a 3 part strategy to help children develop good habits and knowledge of healthy nutrition. This involves being with the parent(s) during all 3 stages of food from the shop (or garden) to the table. 1. Involving the children in the decisions one makes at the food store. What is a

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