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Regenesis - Post Apocalypse Fiction

Survivors try to rebuild in the desert. And discover the architects of disaster in bunkers ...

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The Tibestian Book of the Undead,   fiction ,   Islands Of Sanity.

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ReGenesis - A tyre named Eden

Jenny was pleased. If understatement was a sport, the narrator could be heading for the next Olympics ... Jenny trembled. Her heart fluttered; her breathing waltzed; her pulse syncopated; her cheeks flushed; her palms tingled; her thoughts won silver in the 110 metre hurdles ... Breathe deep ... and slow. Calm ... down ... This is life. this has value. We must get this into some quality

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ReGenesis - In the (Second) Beginning

"The agro-chemical industry failed to genetically engineer a crop that would grow without soil" said Eddy, gazing at the semi-desert. His daughter, Withiel, had found a plant alive ... just the one. "It looks a bit like the photo of a dandelion," she said. "We can dig it up," suggested Eddy, "And take it home." He frowned, concerned about the survival of such a rare find. "We'll have to get

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