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Self Knowledge

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Making time for wholeness

A disregarded priority in modern life is making time for (apparently) not doing anything. Of course it isn't really doing nothing, when we prioritise Being. What happens when we don't? Eating by habit rather than becoming really conscious of what we feel like; what we value; what we promise ourselves to appreciate but somehow keep forgetting. Putting off an activity we love 'for another day'.

consciousness consciousness, self knowledge, wholeness,

Islands of Sanity in Dark Days

In a nutshell, the Gnostic Gospels shows Jesus to have said: 'People are born out of darkness, they will return to darkness when they die, and choose to spend the time in between either drunk or asleep.' Nowadays that entails alcohol, drugs, junk media or full-time consumerism. Or, of course, several forms of unconsciousness (2) at once. and also said: 'The road to awakening is Self

awakening, debt, gnosticism, hope, islandsofsanity, pathological wealth, psychology, self knowledge,

ex-institution, Gnostic Book of Job

Job sits on a rock and talks to his cat, though really the cat isn't significant. Job has no illusions that the cat listens to him, excepting a few key words, like 'food'. 'My trial has been hard, solitary and misunderstood. Ironically, the hardest work I've ever done has attracted dire projections from the most evil and unconscious people. Oddly, other mammals have seemed increasingly in tune,

consciousness, fiction, gnosticism, meaningful, self knowledge, wholeness,

wisdom, stupidity, consciousness, understanding quote

A stupid man will get understanding when a wild donkey gives birth to a man A quote from the English Bible, Job chapter 11, verse 12 Especially for Remulak (aka Anonymous). My response to your insightful comments regarding President Trumpet - the western world's icon of self-knowledge, empathy, consciousness and other false news.

being, consciousness, leadbyexample, quote, self knowledge, wisdom,

Know thyself ... or wound others

Even in the tiny, quiet town of Smogdale, UpNorth County, in the UQ (the Untidy Queendom of Little England), the traffic congestion is getting so bad that Kevin the builder has a problem. Despite being a couple of inches short of 7 feet tall, well built and notoriously energetic, he doesn't want to carry his tools 200 yards from his van to his house every day after work. He doesn't want to carry

being, consciousness, fiction, leadbyexample, mindfulness, projection, psychology, satire, self knowledge, selfcare, solar, wisdom,

making the most of software and internet

A neighbour asked me a few questions about the internet, which led to a few more (!), and rather than just emailing my response, I'll post it here. Why? Because others may have similar questions, and this response is itself an example of free publishing, information sharing, and the potential connectivity that the internet offers. Our discussion almost entirely comprises 3 themes:  1. Free

art therapy, internet, open source, publishing, self knowledge, software,

Nutrition in Essence - food education book

This book covers all the basics, but is quite wordy with relatively few facts, and doesn't have a condensed summary of dietary guidelines for frequent reference. For anyone with bowel-related problems caused by a permeable intestinal wall (irritable bowel, food sensitivities, ...) both lack of fibre and too much (e.g. fibre removed from its wholefood source, such as bran flakes) cause problems.

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