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grass carp farming

I've always liked pasture, especially with real, native, mixed species hedgerows and the occasional mature native tree in the field. There's lots of beef and sheep farming hereabouts (North Cornwall), which is fine, but: a. In an overpopulated world, 500 lbs of of meat per acre every other year seems a small crop; b. Small farms are failing, because the profit per acre is miniscule with large

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Breeding goldfish in your garden pond

There is a huge amount of complicated 'advice' about breeding goldfish - especially food for the very young fish (aka fry). The truth is, unless you want to breed as a business, it's really easy: Your top priority is to keep your main pond (#1) healthy. The commonest problem with newcomers to fish keeping is over feeding. An established pond (12 months +) will produce more food than your fish

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Olympics junk food taste test - learn to (enjoy) cooking!

There's an entertaining article about food corporations attempting to cash in on the 2016 Olympics, maybe because they believe we're daft enough to think eating advertised, processed, devitalised 'food' in front of the TV will turn US into Olympic athletes by some mysterious process of induction. The author is less scathing than me about fast 'food' outlets, probably because they aren't old

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organic veg with comfrey compost

The compost experiment I described earlier has been successful, apparently. These are the crops , photographed on 26th May, a few weeks after the very cold weather abated. I'll take more photos today (8th June) to add later. The potatoes are Duke of York. I dug the first root yesterday and the crop is good quality and very tasty. They'd be a lot bigger if I waited, but patience is on vacation

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plant-based diet, health and climate change

An academic study has analysed the benefits to the environment and the population of the world that are possible through dietary change. food study Their conclusions: The food system is responsible for more than a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions while unhealthy diets and high body weight are among the greatest contributors to premature mortality.

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eggs for health

For decades, eggs have had a bad press due to insufficient understanding of cholesterol. There has been more research in today's news praising the merits of hens eggs, and the over zealous fears of cholesterol. The body makes cholesterol, and manages its concentration. Eggs have many health benefit - especially well-fed and free range (weather permitting!) hens. Eggs are in fact an

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building a robust hen house on a budget

A hen house I made a couple of years ago. The raised floor is damp proof and rat proof, and it has done a good job.  The uprights are 2" x 2", 6" x 1" boards for the floor and base, 2" x 1" for everything else. The timber is tanalised, except the floor which was recycled (found in a skip!). I used plywood for the roof, covered in felt, but coated in bitumen first. related: chickens, DIY,

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non-GMO layers pellets and pond supplies, Bude Cornwall

I've tried to buy non-GMO1 layers pellets for my poultry in Bude district, North Cornwall and the farm suppliers don't stock them. Likewise the pet shops say I'll have to go to Wadebridge for pond supplies - water filters and pumps, anti fungus treatment for pond fish, etc. The good news is, Stable Door in Bude stock all these and more! their opening times: Opening Times Monday - Friday·9:00am

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Individual freedom versus corporations

I asked my pal in Illinois why the area he lives is so sparsely populated and yet Chicago (the nearest very big city) is bursting at the seams: "They move to the city for jobs, but ... Even the city jobs are few. America isn't what the rest of the world envisions it to be any more. I just read an article recently which said Americans need to realize that the 'golden' age of America is over.

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optimum food for free range hens - sprouting wheat for vitamins

It is clear to me, having kept 'free range' hens, that layers pellets are not the only food they need or like. They clearly like grass, especially young short shoots, but in the winter the grass either doesn't grow here (Cornwall) or it is drowned and the hens turn the whole plot to mud if they have access. I also feed mixed poultry corn: 90% wheat and 10 % maize, but several facts have led to

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pasty upgrade beats supermarket

A visitor contacted me with this question: "I often read about what is a good diet, but I can't resist buying pies and pasties in the supermarket. They do smell good. I'm three stone overweight (and rising) and it's causing problems." Reply: British supermarkets do sell good food (apparently other countries are not so good), but the top priority of their shareholders is profit. There is

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Food for Free - Richard Mabey

Food for Free - Richard Mabey In good condition for its age. Paperback. In 1972 Richard Mabey wrote the seminal book “Food for Free,” recently re-released in a revised version.  Sadly the new version is not as good as some of the imitators that have emerged since.  Many of the illustrations are completely redundant - rolling hills to illustrate autumn, for example.  All we really want is

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Herbs for health

Forget the adverts telling you to buy so and so for your health. There are many health benefits in ordinary herbs and spices (not to mention ordinary foods). A few examples: Turmeric: Reputedly Turmeric can help lower cholesterol and event prevent bad cholesterol from building up in the future. Cayenne Pepper: can help stimulate your metabolism, circulation and digestion. For your

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