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voces8 choral singing - underneath the stars

Voces8 harmony version of Kate Rusby's song Wonderful vocal harmony, and solo by Voces8 octet. Lyrics and tune by folk singer Kate Rusby. Tags: harmony, singing, imagery, female vocals, music, video

female vocals, harmony, imagery, music, singing, video,

Angela Gheorghiu - Madama Butterfly

Angela Gheorghiu - Madama Butterfly Un bel di - Prospect Park, New York 2008 A favourite singer of mine, singing an aria from the opera Madame Butterfly. Un bel dì, vedremo levarsi un fil di fumo sull'estremo confin del mare. E poi la nave appare. Poi la nave bianca entra nel porto, romba il suo saluto. Vedi? È venuto! Io non gli scendo incontro. Io no. Mi metto là sul ciglio del colle e

female vocals, music, opera, singing, soprano, video,

Tom Petty - I Forgive It All ~~Poverty and homelessness in America

Take my horse down to the water Let him graze awhile Take my horse down to the water Let him graze awhile I have not been down these roads since I was a child I ain't broke and I ain't hungry but I'm close enough to care I ain't broke and I ain't hungry but I'm close enough to care Send my things to my niece Laura She'll keep 'em over there I forgive it all, I forgive it all With her, I forgive

Marty Downs, singing,

Coat of Many Colours - Dolly Parton

. . . I've never been a C&W fan, but I do like these lyrics. . related: wisdom, gratitude, poverty, values, DIY, self-sufficiency, music, vocal harmony female vocals 

DIY, female vocals, gratitude, harmony, music, poverty, self-sufficiency, singing, values, wisdom,

Soprano Joyce DiDonato - War and Peace project

The lyric coloratura mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato is especially well known for her performances of Handel and Mozart. I was 'educated' about Joyce this past week (21st November) by an excellent program on Radio 3 hosted by Sean Rafferty. The good news is ... the program is still available on catch-up for a month. The program features live interview with Joyce DiDonato, and 3 recordings

art therapy, female vocals, love, music, opera, popular, singing, soprano, video,

Free Voice Training exercises

Vocal training exercises for beginners (and beyond). These are explained well, and there's lots more from Eric Arceneaux for keen singers. Vocal Warmup - Opening Up The Voice Vocal Warmup - Increasing Vocal Range Vocal Warmup - Improving Vocal Tone (Freeing The Throat) Vocal Warmup - Strengthening The Voice Typical comments: "I'm literally amazed right now

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