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Making time for wholeness

A disregarded priority in modern life is making time for (apparently) not doing anything. Of course it isn't really doing nothing, when we prioritise Being. What happens when we don't? Eating by habit rather than becoming really conscious of what we feel like; what we value; what we promise ourselves to appreciate but somehow keep forgetting. Putting off an activity we love 'for another day'.

consciousness consciousness, self knowledge, wholeness,

Making, mending, sharing and gifts - or consumerism

Making, mending, sharing and gifts or consumerism If you borrow a vast amount of money, to buy a large, glossy, powerful car, you are likely to feel happier for a few months. Then feel no different to when you drove your old car. Then realise what misery debt creates. If you make or mend anything, no matter how small, it could be decorative or practical - it will give

consumerism, creativity, debt, pathological wealth, positive mental attitude, wholeness, wisdom,

ex-institution, Gnostic Book of Job

Job sits on a rock and talks to his cat, though really the cat isn't significant. Job has no illusions that the cat listens to him, excepting a few key words, like 'food'. 'My trial has been hard, solitary and misunderstood. Ironically, the hardest work I've ever done has attracted dire projections from the most evil and unconscious people. Oddly, other mammals have seemed increasingly in tune,

consciousness, fiction, gnosticism, meaningful, self knowledge, wholeness,

wholeness implies simplicity implies wholeness

Wildlife conservation, sustainability, peace and harmony are inevitable consequences of kindness, empathy and wholeness tags: conservation, peace, harmony, sustainability, kindness, empathy, wholeness as a tweet: #Wildlife #conservation, #peace and #harmony inevitable  http://blog.pjf.org.uk/2018/01/wholeness-implies-simplicity-implies.html consequences of #kindness, #empathy and #wholeness

conservation, empathy, harmony, kindness, peace, sustainability, wholeness,

consumerism alienation and wholeness

Please, please switch off the noise, and take heed, There is nothing "out there" that you need shallowness and consumerism creates alienation and destroys wholeness

advertising, alienation, consumerism, poems, shallowness, wholeness,

Resurgence of Wholeness

What to do tomorrow? Timid Or Mundane, Or a Radical Resurgence Of Wholeness tags: poems, psychology, leadbyexample, growyourown, wholeness

growyourown, leadbyexample, poems, psychology, selfcare, wholeness,

When new cars TV holidays leave you empty

When Albert first renovated an old car - when he was still in his teens - he felt an immense sense of freedom. Even then insurance was a ripoff, so he only used it for late summer - July through September. The only experience that matched it for liberty was later, when he lived "off grid", as it were, in a caravan - no rent, no services, close to nature. Slowly, some would say inexorably, the

children, climate change, exercise, fiction, funny, leadbyexample, satire, votewithyourwallet, wholeness, wisdom,

Wholeness and Driving - Undead Diary chapter (2x +1)

Another excerpt from my 360+years diary of a reformed vampire The longer you live the more problems people seem to invent – or I am just being cantankerous? I’ll try to be more accurate – people keep inventing further complications. I can’t complain, though clearly I'm itching to! Driving, by which I mean personal ‘independent’ mobility with mechanical aids, is clearly a sort of

debt, fiction, projection, psychology, satire, selfcare, TibestianUndead, wholeness,

A Guide for the Perplexed - evolution of consciousness

A work in progress. And as the goal is wholeness, let's hope that the work never completes ... an optimistic and ambitious overview of the development of consciousness in the individual featuring wholeness, psychology, wisdom This has been upgraded to the more optimistic Twitter Genesis, an idea of the generation of consciousness within the individual, expressed as hashtags - twitter does have

corporations, freedom, hope, matrix, wholeness, wisdom,

Democracy and money. Education and SocialMedia enable poor people

This video is Part 1 of Lawrence Lessig on the role of money in American (western) "democracy" and politics. Lawrence Lessig on Institutional Corruption part1 Congress Talk begins at about 14 minutes:  Conclusions:  1. Those in power could care less who gets the votes, so long as they can choose the candidates. 2. Those in power, in the USA, spend upwards of 30% of their time in office

corporations, democracy, education, institutional mind, Social media, wholeness,

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