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solar renewable energy, biodiversity and wildlife combine

full title: solar renewable energy, biodiversity and wildlife combine in green roof venture Today I discovered a very fine video from a 'green roofing' company that goes way beyond the analytical limitations of specialism to achieve many goals at once.  Nathalie Baumann and Dusty Gedge have collaborated to produce this report:  watch-greenroofs-walls-world-virtual-summit-2015-video

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biodiversity photograph prizes

Photographs taken in Ireland that won prizes in a recent exhibition: biodiversity Starlings bathing (1st prize) The photograph entitled “Riverdance” shows a group of starlings at the edge of the Corrib, outside Claddagh Hall in Galway on one of the hottest days in May. biodiversity - Fox with reflection in water Second prize in the competition was won by Christopher Howes for his

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Build a bird box for native bird conservation

How to make a birdbox An experienced woodworker shows how to build your own smart bird box. birdbox design to benefit wildlife Sussex (UK) Wildlife Trust member, Laura Brook, explains the pros and cons of different bird box designs and materials for several wild bird species. tags: biodiversity, conservation, DIY, environment, gardens, video, wildlife

biodiversity, conservation, DIY, environment, gardens, video, wildlife,

organics, soul and planet

On (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/8174482.stm) the news  there is a report that organic foods show no benefit to the consumers compared what they call 'normal' foods. By "normal", they mean artificially fertilised, pest controlled etc. It seems typical of this fragmented age that the report doesn't even mention the planet or the human psyche and soul.  The organic movement started to

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coral reef destruction, sand lizard revival

Climate change and coral reef destruction Current climate targets are not enough to save the world's coral reefs - and policymakers urgently need to consider the economic benefits they bring. Those are two of the conclusions from a UN-backed project aiming to quantify the financial costs of damaging nature. “ There's evidence that current levels of CO2 are already causing damage to reefs

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