🦉 Conscious wholeness and creative freedom in modern life 🌄

🦉 Wholeness through knowledge, wellbeing, consciousness, creativity and ideals, defeating the darkness 🌄

The Project

Exploring the goal of wholeness in a society that clearly has little sense of direction.


For many reasons, my central interest is Wholeness, which hopefully reflects a glimmer of developing wisdom, and definitely reflects my age (!). Popular concerns such as income, fame, status in the eyes of the collective feel indescribably irrelevant; The REAL tangible assets such as healthy food, exercise, general health, optimism, consciousness, education, awareness, understanding and empathy are priceless.

The foundations of such an enterprise feel like Consciousness, Education and Empathy; these give rise to wholeness, mindfulness, awareness and (hopefully) wisdom;

These nurture productive and creative pursuits, and encourage caring professions and activities in many people.

The developing awareness cannot fail to highlight the reality of the opposites - specifically the light and the darkness.

I'd like to think that for every form of malice, and it's inevitable victims, we can find answers - for example education and #VoteWithYourWallet counter the destructive effects on health of heavily advertised junk 'food'. But it's a tall order ...


KNOWLEDGE - education,
children, psychology and sociology
🌄 The importance of psychology, sociology and education,
especially for children, in understanding todays world and ourselves. 🎨

WELLBEING - self-care,
exercise, healthy food, longevity
🌄 WELLBEING education and encouragement through self-care,
exercise, healthy food. Promoting vital longevity 🎨

CONSCIOUSNESS - awareness,
self-knowledge, being
🌄 The growth of consciousness through study,
contemplation, the symbolic life 🎨

CREATIVITY - imagination,
freedom, art, hope
🌄 creative imagination, arts and crafts
freedom, arts in therapy, hope. 🎨

DARKNESS - lifelong debt,
reinventing slavery, pathological wealth
😟 lifelong debt, carefully engineered reinventing slavery
by pathological wealth - inherited or unearned. 😠

IDEALS - democracy, kindness,
social media for good
🌄 IDEALS - democracy, kindness, social media for good,
best possible outcome, lead by example, positive mental attitude 🎨

WHOLENESS - wisdom quotes,
imagination, open minds, symbolic life
🌄 Individual wholeness, quotes of wisdom,
imagination, openminds and the symbolic, meaningful life 🎨

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